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As it is known, the economy consists of two parts: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics studies the laws of behavior of individual economic entities and their interaction in individual markets, as a result of which prices for manufactured goods and services and production factors are formed. It studies the activities of the simplest economic decision-making units—producers and consumers, owners of primary factors of production, investors, etc. It explores the mechanism for coordinating the goals of various business entities, as well as the laws on the basis of which consumers make their choice. Macroeconomics studies the patterns of functioning of the national economy as a whole. It analyzes the interaction, mutual influence of the most important segments of the national economy: labor markets, money, capital, goods, and services.

The order of studying the discipline “Economics” is usually determined by the curriculum, which includes lectures, practical exercises, and independent work. The main goal of the student’s independent work in the study of the discipline is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained during the lecture classes, as well as to form practical skills and abilities to analyze economic situations and patterns of behavior of economic entities in a market economy.

The final result of mastering the discipline is largely influenced by the correct and systematic fulfillment of the assignments of independent work. However, they are often quite complex and students cannot always solve them. Therefore, they are often looking for someone who can help them do their homework on economics successfully.

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